OUR HISTORY: Started in 1995 as Schenley Heights Community Development Program of Grace Memorial Presbyterian Church (a separate 501(c)3 non-profit, community and faith-based organization), we operate as an academically-focused out-of-school time service for youth K-9th grade, enabling them to achieve greater academic and social in-school success through cultural enrichment.

OUR MISSION: We strive to nurture, support, and develop our community through year-round educational and social initiatives that address academic, moral, cultural, health, and recreational needs of youth in effort to strengthen families in the Hill District and metropolitan Pittsburgh, complimenting efforts of the Pittsburgh’s School District.

Organizational Values: Compassion, Fairness, Hope, Truth, Faith, Forgiveness, Learning as joy, Respect for the Gift of Life, the Primal Importance of Family, Necessity of a Nurturing Community-Wide Environment, and Respect of Nature

Organization Goals:  SHCDP serves families by providing youth the following:

Goal 1 - Provide a safe and healthy environment

Goal 2 - Provide year-round academic enrichment

Goal 3 - Provide enriching physical fitness, recreation, and cultural activities

Goal 4 - Encourage positive social interaction with peers and staff

Goal 5 - Promote well-rounded personalities and increase self-esteem

Goal 6 - Encourage the need for community service to help others

Goal 7 - Introduce the potential for the creative arts

Goal 8 - Promote a keener awareness of the need for prevention of violence


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Schenley Heights Community Development Program
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Schenley Heights for Youth

3171 Ewart Drive

Pittsburgh, PA 15219


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Our United Way Contributors Choice Code is : 900581

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