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Politics and Our Children

As much as we like to separate the two, politics and our children have a very important relationship. The funding programs like ours receive help the children of our county grow into leaders, maybe even politicians, and without understanding where the funding comes from, we can't understand how we can fully help our children.

The Allegheny Children's Fund is an initiative that sought to change the way we fund the efforts that are proven to ensure the health and well-being of our kids across the county: early learning, after-school, and good nutrition. Unfortunately, only 48.3% of more than 500,000 voters decided that this would be a beneficial initiative. However, despite this defeat on November 6, both supporters and some opponents of the proposal said that the mission isn't shattered. The discussion around this proposal has generated a decent amount of excitement and encouragement from nonprofits in the Pittsburgh area.

So what does this mean for our kids? Basically, we have to wait. To be able to receive any more funding from our county, a new proposal must be passed. Pittsburgh's future lies with our children, and the most we can do right now is help the leaders of the future achieve their goals today.

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